Introduction to Emotional Competence in the Studio

How to professionally deal with feelings, moods and needs in the dance studio

Join Daniela for this fascinating lecture about the intersection of movement and emotions, where every dance step becomes a canvas for the rich tapestry of human feelings. Explore the profound impact of emotions on perception, decision-making, and motivation in the realm of learning movement. As dancers unite in the studio, emotions create a diverse landscape that can either inspire or hinder the learning process. Ever felt wobbly knees, a lump in your throat, or butterflies in your stomach? Emotions manifest not just in your mind but also in your body, influencing both your experience and expression.

You'll gain invaluable insights and techniques to navigate emotions professionally in the dance studio. Learn how to skillfully respond to both your own and your students' emotions, turning potential challenges into opportunities for growth. Discover the power of movement to influence emotions and master the art of creating a positive dance environment, ensuring a fulfilling lesson even in the face of a "bad mood." Elevate your dance experience by understanding and harnessing the intricate dance between emotions and movement.

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Daniela Niemietz
Daniela Niemietz

Daniela Niemietz is a dance teacher, dancer, choreographer, teacher trainer, special education teacher (MA) and educational director of the Calaneya Dance Academy Hannover.

She began her dance career at the age of two with Rhythm and Classical Ballet. Via Jazz and Modern Dance as well as after intensive studies of Aikido she finally came to Middle Eastern Dance and thus to numerous contemporary dance fusions.

She has been on stage since early childhood. In her solo and choreographic works she combines numerous genres into a unique fusion. Her primary concern is to reach the audience with suitable movement language - finding a language with which one can tell a story where no words exist.

As a teacher, Daniela Niemietz has been active in various areas of dance and movement education since 2006. She puts great emphasis on teaching a clean technique, a healthy body and training posture and the development of the individual artistic potential of her students.

In addition to her university degrees, she is a certified instructor for FatChanceBellyDance®Style and for The Siren Project Fan and Manton Dialect.

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