Reverse Your Hips - Reverse Figure 8 (Taxeem) and Reverse Shimmy

Tips and Drills

Get ready for a challenging and fun drill class with Agata! In this dynamic class, you'll uncover the secrets to truly understanding the Reverse Figure Eight and its lively counterpart, the Reverse Shimmy

This class starts with a warm-up, followed by Agata's expert tips and techniques that will transform your dance game. Explore the dimensions of the Reverse Figure Eight, known formerly as the Reverse Taxeem, as Agata breaks down each element and guides you through exercises that enhance your range of motion, core engagement, and hip articulation.

Then Agata kicks it up and shares tools to help you feel more confident with the electrifying Reverse Shimmy!

This class is an excellent addition to your practice, this class is sure to be one you return to often!

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Reverse Figure 8

Reverse Shimmy

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Agata Zakrzewska
Agata Zakrzewska

Agata Zakrzewska is dancer, choreographer and teacher of FCBD® Style, fusion bellydance and Egyptian style belly dance (raqs sharki). She is based in Warsaw, Poland. She started dancing in 2007 and immediately immersed herself in various styles of bellydance - taking multiple classes a week and workshops every weekend. In 2009 she co-founded the first FCBD® Style troupe in Warsaw: The Siren Society and started teaching various styles of bellydance.

In her pursuit of knowledge Agata has travelled to workshops and intensives all over Europe, as well as Egypt and the US. She has studied with the biggest names in the field. She is a FatChanceBellydance® Certified Studio. She also did the Technique for Teachers training with Carolena and Megha twice - in UK in 2016 and in the US in 2019. She is also certified in Zoe Jakes’s format (Dancecraft – Key of Diamonds and Key of Spades) and Kami Liddle’s format (Krysalis – Invocation), as well as Deb Rubin’s Dance Therapeutics Level 1. She completed CATT (Certified Academic Teacher Training) – a two year training in oriental dance in Berlin. She also completed Dance Instructor Training with the specialty in bellydance. In 2015r. Agata also completed her bachelor's degree in Choreography and Dance Technique at the Academy of Music in Lodz.

Agata was the first teacher in Warsaw who taught ATS® FCBD® style – her work contributed to the popularization of FCBD® Style in Warsaw and to the emergence of new groups of dancers. Since 2013 together with Katarzyna Lidia she works on developing flamenco-inspired movement dialect, which they perform with their troupe The Siren Project. The Siren Project Manton dialect is Agata’s specialty and personal creation.

Agata teaches and performs in Poland and abroad. So far she taught FCBD® Style or its dialects in Italy, France, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Germany - and since the pandemic she was a guest teacher at many online events as well. She performed together with Kristine Adams, Kae Montgomery, Devi Mamak, Wendy Allen, Sandi Ball and many other amazing FCBD® Style artists. She also performed with live music bands and participated in many collaborations and projects. She is passionate about pure FCBD® Style, but is also experienced with props: manton, fan, skirt, sword.

Agata is also dedicated to bringing high quality teachers to Poland – she was the first organizer to host FCBD® members in Poland. Since 2014 she co-organized many regular events: Tribal Vibes Intensive, Tribal Hafla Festival, ATS® Flow Camp and many more.

Agata is also a dedicated dancer of other bellydance styles – she teaches and performs traditional oriental dance (raqs sharki) and tribal fusion bellydance. She is passionate about dance history, culture and folkloric dances and keeps exploring those subjects. She also studies various other styles of dance and movement, and her main focus is safe and inclusive dance training – she studies regularly with a trainer/physiotherapist in order to learn about anatomy and training techniques to better help her students. Since 2016 Agata also runs Hamsa Dance School - one of the biggest Polish oriental and fusion dance schools.

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